Where are we right now, in this moment? What is the nature of our reality?  These are the kinds of questions that brought me to meditation, and Zen practice, but also to a career in science (specifically psychology and neuroscience). 

On this site, my main focus is on the intersection of Zen Buddhist practice and science (especially neuroscience). Below, you can find links to recent posts about meditation practice, science, and how the two can offer complementary perspectives on how we can make sense of this life that we find ourselves in.

Time on our minds

Time can seem solid and stable. But when we take a closer look through our Zen practice and neuroscience, we can see that time is only in our heads.

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If you are new to the blog, welcome! I would recommend starting with a couple of the featured posts below, on the ways science can complement our meditation practice, and how metaphors can give us some insight into the nature of our lives

Featured essays

false hand with flower

Getting out of our heads

What is this life that we find ourselves living? What is this place that we find ourselves in? For me, these were the kinds of…

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